2018 Spring Break Day Camp

For ages 6 - 10

9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.     $40.00 per child 

Detective Academy!
Wednesday, March 28 - LaBoiteaux Woods Preserve
5400 Lanius Lane, 45224 (College Hill)

There is a mystery to solve and we are looking for some curious campers that want to earn their Detective Badges. To solve the nature mystery, children will make a handy spy kit, go on a clue hunt, decode a secret message and learn who did it! We meet some crazy creatures along the way too!

Spring Break Day Camp provides a great opportunity for your child(ren) to spend a day off of school exploring nature. The day is full of outdoor adventure, hands-on activities, storytelling, active games, a craft project and much more! 
Campers are divided into groups of similarly aged children. Dress in layers for indoor and outdoor activities, pack a lunch & drink plus an afternoon snack with a second drink, and be ready for FUN! The last hour of the camp is spent with less structured activities with their friends such as board games and drawing. 

Online registration ends at noon on March 26. Call 542-2909 after this time to inquire about available spots.

Age Appropriateness / Correct Ages of Campers Registered: 
The age range for the camp is clearly stated and parents should review this before registering campers. If a child of the wrong age is registered for camp, you will be notified by our main office. We may not be able to provide a refund. Please call our main office at 321-6208 with questions.

Please fill in all of the following to register for camp. One child per registration. There is a $3.00 administrative fee. 

STEP 1: Select Camp






STEP 2: Camper Information

Enter CHILD's info here. Please capitalize First letter of each name. Enter one child's info at a time - you can return later to enter another child.

(Note: Please list only one child. We do not guarantee placement. We can place children with a requested friend only if both children request each other and are close in age.)

Expectations of Campers

Campers should be able to:
● stay with their assigned group with minimal reminders.
● explore the natural world, and move themselves along trails, over uneven ground, up and down hills, and across bridges and streams.
● interact with their peers in group games and activities and maintain appropriate self-control in social situations.
● Cincinnati Parks has a zero tolerance policy on drugs and violence.

Parents with questions regarding the staffing needed to meet your child’s needs should contact us at 513-321-6208. We are happy to make reasonable accommodations with advance notice and completion of the Youth Accommodation and Assessment Form. 

In the box below, please list any medical conditions, allergies, medications or other health concerns which should be known by the Naturalist staff or emergency medical personnel. If no medical concerns pertain to your child, please write in the word NONE.

STEP 3: Parent/Guardian Information

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**The phone # listed below can receive texts and emails if needed by Park staff for quick communication.

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In the event of illness or emergency, if parents cannot be reached, is there another local person who may pick up your child and care for them until you are contacted?

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